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How UX Design Changes Helped Three Businesses Succeed

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A good website makes it easy for visitors to find what they need and enjoy their experience. This can lead businesses to see better results, like more sales or happier customers. Here are three stories about companies that improved their websites and saw great results.

1. Ascendant: Making Things Simpler and Better

Ascendant’s old website was difficult to use and didn’t look modern, which caused visitors to leave quickly. They decided to make the website easier to use and look nicer.


It was difficult to add new features without making the website even more complicated.

Solutions and Outcomes

They redesigned the website to be simpler and work well on phones. This made visitors stay longer and use the website more, which helped Ascendant get more clients and increase their sales.

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2. Precondo: Clearing Up the Clutter

Precondo’s website used to be frustrating to use, especially on phones. Finding the right information about condos was hard, making people leave the website and go to competitors.


The main problem was making the website easy to use on phones and computers.

Solutions and Outcomes

They made the website clearer and added better search tools. This helped people find what they were looking for more easily, which led to more inquiries and better business results.

3. Schmidt & Clark LLP: Looking More Professional

Schmidt & Clark LLP’s website didn’t look professional and was hard to navigate, which could make potential clients unsure about hiring them.


They needed to make the website easier to use and make it reflect their professional image better.

Solutions and Outcomes

They worked with UX experts to make the website easier to navigate and look more professional. They also made information easier to find and added features like live chat. This led to more people visiting the website, more inquiries, and more clients.

Key Takeaways

These stories from Ascendant, Precondo, and Schmidt & Clark LLP show how important a good website is for a business. Making a website better can lead to more customers and better business. Each company used user feedback to keep improving its website, ensuring it met its visitors’ needs.

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René Bresser

René Bresser is a web design expert with a knack for creating practical and visually appealing websites. With a strong grasp of coding languages and frameworks, René ensures seamless functionality and optimized user experiences by integrating cutting-edge technologies.

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